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Mindsera app is currently in private beta. Sign-up for early access here.

Mindsera is a guided thinking app that helps you make better decisions with mental models and writing.

Writing is a tool for thinking

It’s hard just to sit down and think. If you make your thoughts visual with words, it becomes so much easier for your brain to organize information and make sense of things.

Just as hard it is to sit down and think is to sit down and write. The blank page gives you instant writer’s block. When you’re not writing fiction, it can also be thought of as a thinker’s block. This is what insight sessions help you with.

What are insight sessions?

Insight sessions are writing templates that structure your thinking so you can solve problems, make decisions and understand systems. They are based on the most useful mental models.

Each session has a bunch of questions in it that guide your thinking. Questions focus your mind and make you see things from new perspectives. Some questions come with micro-learning modules that give you the right input at the right time, so you can make new connections that spark valuable insights.

The power of questions

Your situation is likely to be unique and requires some serious brainpower to sort out the core problems and possible solutions.

You don’t need better answers, you need better questions. The better the questions, the more insightful and robust the answers and possibilities created. Questions help you to think about a problem or situation where you are uncertain (or too certain), stuck, or have been unrealistic in your thinking.

Each of the sessions and questions will spark different possible ideas, insights, and answers, which help you to make better decisions, solve bigger problems, and enjoy greater outcomes.

Your entire life runs on the software – the models – in your head.

Our brains cannot keep all the information that they get through the senses in our heads. To simplify things, it creates (mental) models.

Mental models are representations of how something works in the real world. They are the lenses we see things through.

Everybody thinks in mental models. The average mind has a small variety of mental models from few domains. That means the average mind has few different perspectives to see things from. Therefore it can make fewer connections between information and comes up with less insights.

People who we call geniuses use a lot of different mental models from various fields. That ables them to see things from different perspectives, make more connections between information and come up with more insights.

The more quality mental models you have, the better you will understand how things (the world) works. They will help you to make high-quality decisions, solve problems, and live a more thoughtful life.

Better models = Better thinking = Better decisions = Better outcomes