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Hi there! 👋

I’m Chris Reinberg. Founder at heart, sovereign individual, and a global citizen. I love building things, marketing, magic, and clear thinking.

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Current focus

Where most of my time goes. Updated 24.01.22

WEB 3 – Building the Estonian web3 community and movement. Advising Estonian e-Residency on web3. Consulting tech companies on web3 strategy. Building a product studio for web3 projects.

I’ve founded

Software, E-commerce & Entertainment

  • SUNBASE (studio) – Web 3 development studio for dApps, NFTs, social tokens, and DAOs. Website
  • WAGMI (community) – Estonian Web 3 movement. The goal is to bring people together and lead the discussion from trading to building. Website
  • MINDSERA (software) – An app that trains critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills with mental models and writing. Currently in private beta. Website | Founding Letter
  • KEVINSKI (magician) – Estonian most successful illusionist brand. Elegant mystical arts. More than 1000 performances at private events. The last public show was sold out 69 out of 69 dates. We built a custom ticket selling system to create a unique end-to-end user experience. Instagram | Bookings | Show
  • WONDERS & WONDERS (online store + boutique theater) – Niche gift store specializing in the old, the magical, the beautiful, and the curious. One-of-a-kind boutique theater in Tallinn, Estonia. Website
  • RELAX & REST (online store) – High-quality massage and sleep products in Estonia. I built a small fully automated online store that sells massage guns and other health products in Estonia.
  • WESNAPSHOT (agency) – The world’s first Instagram marketing agency. We got some traction but were way too early. Instagram had around 150 million users at the time so it was a hard sell in Estonia.

I’ve collaborated with

Fashion & Music

  • GUILD (product marketing) – Royal streetwear clothing brand from Estonia. We’re good friends and I’ve helped the brand create a product marketing strategy, landing page, and social media advertisements. Website | Instagram
  • TOMMY CASH (content creation) – World-acknowledged rapper and contemporary visual artist. We’re friends and have collaborated on social media and music video content creation. Instagram


*A little bonus for you if you got this far. An artwork from neuroscientist Dr. Greg Dunn. It reminds us that the most marvelous machine in the known universe is at the core of our being and is the root of our shared humanity. Isn’t it beautiful?