Hi there!

I’m Chris Reinberg (@chrireinberg), the founder of Mindsera, a community driven media and software company on the mission to make people better at thinking. Read my founding letter here.

Brands I’ve created

E-commerce, beverages, entertainment & software.

KEVINSKI (magician) – Elegant mystical arts. More than 1000 performances, and 2 fully sold out solo productions.
WONDERS & WONDERS (online store + boutique theater) – Niche gift store specializing in the old, the magical, the beautiful, and the curious. Boutique theater in Tallinn, Estonia.
MINDSERA (software) – Structure your thinking through microlearning and writing templates based on the most useful mental models.
RELAX & REST (online store) – High-quality massage and sleep products in Estonia and EU.
TUJU (beverages) – Mood altering sparking water with adaptogens, nootropics, and botanics.

Brands I’ve collaborated with

Fashion & Music

GUILD (product marketing) – Royal streetwear clothing brand from Estonia.
TOMMY CASH (content creation) – World acknowledged rapper and contemporary visual artist.


Every week or so I send out a free “Minds with Benefits” newsletter of mental models, frameworks, tools, and tactics to help you make better decisions, have a clearer mind, be more productive and creative.


Think Like Genius: Wolfgang Beltracchi
The crazy story of the most successful art forger of our time (and perhaps all time). Wolfgang Beltracchi is an artist and a con man who made over $100 million selling art forgeries. What can he teach us about thinking well and why you should take notice?

Mechanics of Thinking
What separates the brightest minds from the rest of us, and how can we become better thinkers, problem-solvers, and decision-makers? In this thread, we take the human mind apart into its most fundamental principles to see how it works.

Letter From the Founder
Thoughts about the importance of clear thinking, solving the biggest problems in the world, and why I started this company.