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What goes on in the minds of the most genius people in the world?

We’re not smart enough to figure everything out by ourselves, so we want to master the best of what other people have already figured out.

To do this we create “Mind Studies” where we research and distill the mental models and frameworks of the most successful, creative, and prolific people on earth: Billionaires, titans of industry, uber-achievers, world champions, master artists, and niche geniuses.



Your job is to make decisions and solve problems?

There are only two things that determine how your life turns out: luck and the quality of your decisions. You have control over only one of those two things. Avoid the high cost of bad judgment in life and business.

Get more reliable decision making tools than a crystal ball and your gut.



You have a tiny, 3-pound brain running 20,000 year old software..

..that competes with corporations pouring millions of dollars into hijacking your attention and changing your mind.

Don’t waste your potential by falling for short dopamine fixes. Learn to remain in control.