The Road Less Stupid

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Who? This is a business program for business readers, meant to educate rather than to entertain. Learning doesn’t happen until something changes.

Why? Business is an intellectual sport. You don’t need better answers, you need better questions. The better the questions, the more insightful and robust the answers and possibilities created. Questions help you to think about a problem or situation where you are uncertain (or too certain), stuck, or have been unrealistic in your thinking. Your situation is likely to be unique and requires some serious brainpower to sort out the core problems and possible solutions. Each of the sessions and questions will spark different possible ideas, insights, and answers, which is why you’re doing it in the first place.

What? The sessions have high-value questions you can use to spark your thinking, grow you business, make more money, and ultimately avoid doing something stupid.

There are five core disciplines:

1. Finding the unasked question (results in clarity and generated better choices)
2. Separte the problem from the sympton (identify the real obstacle that is blocking you progress)
3. Check assumtions (differentiate the facts from athe story you tell yourself)
4. Consider 2nd-order consequences (clarify risks and the possibility of being wrong)
5. Create the machine (create the executable plan, identify resources (people and money) required to solve the real (core) problem and make forward progress.

Having the right answer is smart. Having the right question is genius. Most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question. Our job as business owners and leadership teams is to get clarity on the right question to ask before we pull the trigger. We would all have better answers and more choices if we invested the time to design better questions and then actually allocate some time to consider them.

Fundamentally it is a structures process that enables you to minimize the risks, idenity the opportunities, and maximise the results. That is a pretty high return for a very low-cost investment.