Annual Review

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Annual Review

Do at the end of the year. This Annual Review is focused on 6 sections: (1) a review of yearly goals, (2) things to celebrate, (3) goals for next year, (4) things to improve, (5) open questions, and (6) highlights, lows & learnings.


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What goals did you achieve this year?

Reflect on the past year. Name your goals and give them a grade. Write how did it go, lessons learned etc.


Increase my monthly income by 30 percent: I started to do a bit of consulting on the side that worked out really well and added around 20% to my income.

Grade: B+

Travel to a foreign country for a week: COVID looked at this and laughed. Did not happen, but we had several trips around Estonia that were fun so not that bad.

Grade: N/A

What are the things to celebrate?

Everything that weren’t specific measurable goals, but are things that happened and are worth celebrating.


Cold swimming: I started this from the end of August. Went swimming each day for over 3 month and after that at least 3-4 times every week. My New Years Eve was spent in the water at Noblessner from 23.59-00.01. Such a great habit and practice. Makes me feel energized and trains the mind to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.

Friendships: I met amazing new people and got couple of good new friends.

What are your goals for next year?

Must be concrete measurable goals.


Write 1 long form essay about something I’m interested in: Lets say that the long-form essay would be north of 10,000 words.

Work out at least 6 times a month: I measure it with Notion calendar. Good 8 times, really good over 10 times. The reason is to have more energy and feel vitality.

What are things you want to improve on?

Not concrete measurable goals, but habits and general themes.


Less time consuming social media: I really want to cut down consuming social media and focus more on deep work and deep rest.

Clarity, focus and deep work: Keeping myself and my information organized. Not letting my notes inbox and tabs to be filled up. Having better structure and discipline.

What are some open questions that you still need to figure out?

Anything that you don’t know how to do yet or haven’t thought about too much.

What are the main highlights, lows and learning from the past year?

Anything you learned this year? Were there some unseen challenges or really awesome memories? Good trick is to go through the camera roll on your phone or your calendar to refresh your memory about what happened.


Importance of environment: We moved places and experienced the importance of living in a beautiful, inspiring space.

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“In a world where information is abundant and easy to access, the real advantage is knowing where to focus.”

— James Clear