Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

It's normal to experience emotions. This session helps you to handle difficult emotions like anxiety, grief, or sadness and understand why do you feel a certain way. Great when you are going through a tough time or have stumbled upon a challenge. It improves your emotional intelligence. Best done at the moment when you are feeling a strong emotion and want to get clarity and some relief.

What kind of sensations do you feel in your body right now?

Describe how does your body feel right now. Be specific about all details.

What kind of thoughts do you have right now?

Describe your mental state and what goes on in your mind right now.

This is a mindfulness technique. By noticing your state you make space between your thoughts, and feelings. This gives you instant relief.

Do you feel over stimulated?

A common reason people feel anxiety today is due to over stimulating themselves by social media and technology.

Best remedy for over stimulation is to get out and do something physical. Go for a jog or hike in the nature. You need grounding.

If you would need to name the emotion what would you call it?

See more for a list of emotions.

Admiration, Adoration, Aesthetic Appreciation, Amusement, Anger, Anxiety, Awe, Awkwardness, Boredom, Calmness, Confusion, Craving, Disgust, Empathetic pain, Entrancement, Excitement, Fear, Horror, Interest, Joy, Nostalgia, Relief, Romance, Sadness, Satisfaction, Sexual desire, Surprise.

When did you start to feel that way and what caused it?

Describe the moment when you first noticed the emotion and what lead to it?

Is it something life threatening?

We tend to over dramatize while being emotional. Are things really that catastrophic as they seem? Imagine yourself looking back at it after couple of weeks. How does it seem?

Is there anything about that emotion that you don't understand?

If so then is there anything that could help you to understand it better?

What could be learned from this experience?

What does the emotion and situation want to teach you? All difficult experiences are the biggest opportunities to learn and grow.

What would be those one to three things that you can do in the future to not feel that way again?

What could you do right now to feel better?

Possible ideas include calling a friend, going for a walk or a run, meditating, journaling, drawing or doing something else that will get you thoughts away.

How much has your emotional state improved compared to how you felt at the beginning of this session?

All done? Great session!

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“Growth comes from acknowledging the questions we don't know the answers to.”

— Jaime Schmidt